Thursday, December 8, 2011

We aRE MovINg WheRE????

So Russ and I have made the decision to move to Vernal.. Yes that's right I said Vernal.. He has been offered a job with an Oil Rig company and well the money is just too good to pass up.
This past weekend we went to Vernal with Hailee for the weekend. We stayed at a hotel and spent Saturday looking for a home. We have found a few different options and so now we are just playing the wait game while we ever so patiently wait to hear from the townhomes we are looking at renting.
Hailee was all sorts of excited that they have a big pink Dinosaur right off the side of the road. We totally forgot to get her picture taken next to it but since we will be moving there I am sure we will have a few pictures taken by the big pink dino...
One of the great things I love about my job with the State is that I can move pretty much anywhere in the state as long as there is an DWS employment center. So we checked and sure enough Vernal has one. This sealed the deal for us so we wouldn't have to worry about me quitting a job I love that has great benefits to find something that would more than likely not offer quite as good of a benefit plan.
We told Hailee this weekend that we are moving and she is so excited to be able to get into her own room again and be able to have all of her toys back.

With this whole moving thing happening I have been instructed that I HAVE to keep up on my blogging. I am hoping this won't be a problem and I hope everyone will still keep checking to see what is going on in the B/S home.. LOL

Until next time when I hope to have pictures of our new home. :)


Sarah said...

Hailee was the first thing the poped into my head when I saw the picture:)
You BETTER keep up on blogging!!!

Ryan W said...